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Mackintosh flagship store, Tokyo

More Wonderwall, back in Japan this time with the opening of Mackintosh. Classic British fashion and lifestyle is the inspiration for the design of this space. The stylish interior is comprised of large scale parquet floor against white fielded panels on walls and white ceilings with chunky grid panel mouldings and covings.

Traditional furniture in the form of chesterfield sofas and polished timber tables and desks sit alongside gold plated steel frame showcases that product hangs in. A low lit corridor with timber clad walls holding minimally hung product, again on gold rails, overlooks a beautiful sweeping staircase in white, with blue carpet and black ironmongery balustrade. Read More…


ICE CREAM & Billionaire Boys Club store by Wonderwall

Ok, so here’s a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), brand design by Pharrell Williams, store design by Wonderwall. I’ve always loved the brand even though I would look absurd in their clothes. I owned and wore (very badly) one of their T-shirts when I was at Uni.

This particular store design in Hong Kong is comical, split between Ice Cream, over two floors and a further two floors above dedicated to the BBC brand. It looks like Disney land to me, I know I shouldn’t like it but i do. Read More…

Westfield Sydney, Wonderwall

Shopping centres and Wonderwall together this time, I actually stumbled upon this when looking on the Wonderwall site over the weekend whilst writing the last blog post. The interiors of the new Westfield Sydney complex have been designed by Wonderwall, in conjunction with Robert Wardle Architects.

The interiors are incredibly characteristic of the Wonderwall style, sleek steel framed glass balustrades above stainless steel mall edges  reflect the design of A Bathing Ape. The use of routed timber panels on ceilings creates intimacy which is a nice juxtaposition considering its placement in a large public space.  Read More…

Wonderwall Design Agency, Japan

I have blogged about various Wonderwall designs recently, here and here, and always spoken of how they are an inspiration, particularly in early agency work I did with brands such as Duck and Cover and Luke.

They have worked on hundreds of projects across the Globe, majoring in the Far East and the U.S. Designs range from the wacky and extravagant to the sumptuous and sublime. Their work is certainly not to everyone’s taste, but I love the way they showcase product and create retail theatre through their use of contrasting materials, styles, lighting and rooms within rooms. For example, fielded panel doors sitting almost seamlessly within a glass facade, large banquet tables set for dinner in the middle of retail spaces, and glass walls or boxes acting as an interior ‘skin’ within the existing shell of a brick building.

Read More…

Man on the Boon, Wonderwall, South Korea

Some more Wonderwall magic, this time in South Korea, in department store, Shinsegae. The concept for the design of Man On The Boon originated from name of the store, the home of fictional character “Mr Boon”.  Every aspect of his life is reflected in the store design, recreated in a series of room settings.

Mr Boon is apparently a travelling archaeologist, collecting items from around the World to display in his store, making the shoppers voyeurs, peeping in to his life. Read More…