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Does/is Retail Design Need to change?

Retail design creativity has to be driven by new innovative technological thinking. I’ve recently been considering the retail design situation in the high street and many recurring shopping centres. It’s becoming too static. Samey. New shopping centres like Westfield are regurgitating the same look and feel, and the same shopfits. Flagship has become roll out, or visa versa.

We work on Retail design and delivery in my agency, approving new shop designs in shopping centres all over the country. A common problem is that landlords are desperate to get big brands in to shopping centres and whilst they want the best look for their malls in terms of shop design, they do not want to rock the boat so much by demanding more elaborate, show stopping designs that results in tenants deciding to opt out. But as brand guardians, is of course our desire to see thought provoking or jaw dropping design. Read More…


Westfield Sydney, Wonderwall

Shopping centres and Wonderwall together this time, I actually stumbled upon this when looking on the Wonderwall site over the weekend whilst writing the last blog post. The interiors of the new Westfield Sydney complex have been designed by Wonderwall, in conjunction with Robert Wardle Architects.

The interiors are incredibly characteristic of the Wonderwall style, sleek steel framed glass balustrades above stainless steel mall edges  reflect the design of A Bathing Ape. The use of routed timber panels on ceilings creates intimacy which is a nice juxtaposition considering its placement in a large public space.  Read More…