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After a few weeks break from blogging that was filled with business trips to Germany, Spain and France I am playing catch up. Here is a summary of some of the great things I have seen online over the last month. Ranging from showrooms and book stores, to hotels and offices. Not to mention a new hotel in Marseille that looks like a take on Shoreditch House by Philippe Starck. Read More…


Office Nightmares – Microsoft Headquarters, Vienna, by Innocad

Microsoft, continue to chase the tail of Apple, this time with the design of their newest headquarters in Vienna. This garish mish-mash of nature walls, timber clad meeting rooms, large format cosmic graphic rooms and astro-turf grass in break out areas creates an inharmonious mess of an office….in my opinion.

There is no rationale to the design of the headquarters. They have taken every feature (or gimmick) from the google, facebook and skype offices that have been seen of late and thrown them all together to form a headache. And of course they have thrown in a slide for good measure. I wonder how many of their 30 something’s staff will use that on their lunch breaks. Read More…

Google London Head Offices, by Penson

As you would expect web giant Google’s new offices in London are anything but ordinary. It isn’t just about the work, the desks and computers. It is about the experience, innovation and inspiration. A company that truly practices what it preaches judging by their new head offices designed by Penson.

Some of it I like, some of it feels gimicky and some of it I am truly jealous of. The offices feature workstations, music studios, lounge areas, an auditorium, gaming rooms, flight pods, a park and many other areas that wouldn’t normally find their way in to your every day office. Read More…

What I’ve seen lately….

I’ve seen a lot lately online, on blogs and out and about and thought I would capture a few of the highlights in this post. From Shopping Centers to Department stores and Ski Chalets to Suit Stores, all had a flicker of inspiration and are worth a glance.

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Breaking News (3 months ago!) – Apple Headquarters

Anyone heard Apple have had a new super headquarters designed? Old news you say? Fair enough I am a little late on this one, but I just had to give it a mention and post the now very familiar pictures as I think it looks incredible and I am a massive Apple fanboy.

What is also interesting now is the debate that has been raging across several forums and design/tech websites about the positive and negative effect it will have on its surroundings and the environment. Read More…

One Size – Graphic Design Offices In Amsterdam

One Size are a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, Holland. They specialise in ‘Motion Direction Design’ – graphics, animation and visual effects. Their offices have recently been designed by Dutch practice Origin Architects.

The concept for the design of the office is inspired by the work the agency produce. Polygons are the building blocks for 3D modelling. At One size they develop these 3D models into animated films and graphic productions.

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