After a few weeks break from blogging that was filled with business trips to Germany, Spain and France I am playing catch up. Here is a summary of some of the great things I have seen online over the last month. Ranging from showrooms and book stores, to hotels and offices. Not to mention a new hotel in Marseille that looks like a take on Shoreditch House by Philippe Starck. is an offline destination for the famous online furniture store. Featuring miniature 3D models of the furniture on the ceiling of one of the rooms. (Read more here)


Au Shop were looking for an interior design that would depart from the usual appearance of a mobile phone store. The design, furniture and portals encourage customers to not only interact with the product but with the space as well.


As book stores go, this is the sexiest i have seen for a while. The concept here is for a ‘creative retail space’  that allows customers to publish their own books and sell them within the store itself. Named ‘As the Story Unfolds’ the interior reflects the evolving theme with faceted folding surfaces and furniture that move throughout the whole retail space.


Philippe Starck’s experiential Mama Shelter Hotel in Marseille allows customers to experience art, some of his famous furniture and fixtures and creates ‘contemporary interpersonal and intra-personal relationships with its visitors’. I.e allowing its staff to create their own relationship with the space as well as the customers. It looks like a quirky Shoreditch house to me with conference rooms, break out areas, games and bars all filling spaces over various floors.


I like these offices for Russian search engine Yandex, in St Petersburg. They are bright and colourful, playing with scale and introducing familiar social media objects as the ‘like hand’ and large scale pixillation in bright colours as a 3D texture along corridors.





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