Nike Camp Victory Pavilion – Oregon

Ok, I know I am a massive Nike Fan Boy. I have recently written about all they have been doing during the olympics with pop-up stores  But this Camp Victory is immense and certainly worth a mention.

The temporary installation was created for the Olympics and sits within the Oregon University campus. Severe geometric shapes illuminated by L.E.D lighting form the various facades of the building. Inside, scattered amongst the various display walls and glass tanks are more interactive innovations along the lines of what we have seen in the Fuelstation and House of Innovation.

Inside and out the space is completely on brand, the shapes, angles and contours all portray performance with the integration of technology – exactly what their products are beginning to do through the use of micro chips in the soles of trainers and fuel wrist bands that monitor movement and exercise.

No shock that I am a big fan…

Images via Addicted to Retail


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