What I’ve seen lately….

I’ve seen a lot lately online, on blogs and out and about and thought I would capture a few of the highlights in this post. From Shopping Centers to Department stores and Ski Chalets to Suit Stores, all had a flicker of inspiration and are worth a glance.

Nendo designed a store in Okayama like an office, complete with oversized desks, lamps and office chairs. Garments  hang from underneath the tables, the sense of distorted scale is playful whilst still sharp and in keeping with a premium interior you would expect within such a store.

Skin care brand Aesop have again unveiled an uber creative installation for their Hong Kong fashion store. Rows and rows of steel rods staggered in height  prop up translucent boxes holding bottled product. Inspiration was drawn from a black and white photograph of floating lanterns. The sea of of boxes photographs quite beautifully and eerily. Aesop are renowned for their creative installations, such as the Grand Central kiosk and Saint-Honore.

This ski chalet in the French Alps is simply beautiful. A massive hearth is the central feature along with a floating base illuminated bed.

Black Rainbow store in Paris boasts brands such as Penfield, Nike Sportswear, Supra and Barbour. All in a store which looks like it has been built from anything the designers could get their hands on. Black Rainbow follows the pop-up trend adopted so successfully by stores such as Urban Outfitters. I particularly like the footwear wall from brass plumbing pipes

A rather ugly Levi puppy…



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