Sneakerology, Sydney Australia

I like a good pair of trainers. When buying a pair of trainers I am attracted to a store that has three key things, brands that i like, simplicity in display of merchandise – grouping different brands or styles of trainer and a shop design/environment that reflects my social background.

Sneakerology in Sydney Australia has these elements. Trainers are displayed in plywood boxes, each assigned a number, illuminated next to the product. The visual merchandising is like a museum display. The boxes are repeated full height along each wall, with each row staggered half a unit. The staggered product and illuminated boxes creates a very strong visual display whilst giving each shoe its own place so the back wall doesn’t look packed with product.

Interactive displays throughout the store allow the customer to learn about each shoe. Other materials used in the store, neutral coloured stone and brick allow the visual merchandising to do the talking.

Certainly there are more innovative trainer store concepts out there and the store has been critiqued as being flat, but simplicity works and I can relate to that working on sports stores in a similar market, in this case that simplicity is executed stylishly and interestingly whilst keeping the product accessible to all.

Sneakerology was designed by Facet Studio – pictures via Dezeen


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